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Welcome to Forget Escorts

Welcome to Forget Escorts

Looking for US Escorts?

No doubt you're here because you're looking for US escorts, offering a wide range of escort services throughout your local area. Perhaps you're after a good time and you know that a US escort is a quick and easy way to achieve this.

There is no doubt that a US independent escort or a US escort agency will be able to provide a fantastic range of escort services. Everything from tantric massage to anal sex is up for grabs with female escorts, whether that's with a completely independent escort, via booking with one of the many escort agencies.

Benefit of US Escort Services

If you're looking for sexual services then it's quite obvious that US escorts are definitely an easy way to fulfil your needs. Across the US, there are loads of escort girls waiting for a call and able to provide a great escort service, from outcall services to incall escort services.

Using US escorts means you're guaranteed to get laid with no hassle whatsoever. Plus, the extensive range of US call girls that are available means you're sure to find a lovely girl (or perhaps a naughty girl!) offering whatever adult entertainment services you're seeking. With some cheap US escorts, it may not even cost you all that much.

The Downside of US Escort Services

You may have arrived here looking to find escorts, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best option for you, and we are here to help.

Paying for sex

The best escorts may offer a quality service, but ultimately the downside to using escorts in the US is having to pay for pure pleasure. There are escorts working at a variety of price points, but a premium outcall escort in sexy lingerie offering an outcall service with a range of options can prove costly.

No passion

In addition, although you may arrange for a meeting with a professional call girl there is no guarantee that you will have any chemistry and your encounter may be lacking in passion. One of the downsides of the escort industry is that for the escorts this is a job, and you may discover that some of them just go through the motions without any real enthusiasm. Sex with truly stunning and exotic beauty is still not much fun if there is no sense of enjoyment.

Victims of crime?

When using escorts in the US there is also the danger of not knowing who you are paying or what you are funding. There are concerns that some escorts in the US are victims of trafficking, violence, or drugs.


Alternatively, you might be worried about the level of discretion that an escort will offer. Whilst most professional escorts understand the importance of the privacy of their clients and expect the same discretion in return, you are exposing yourself to some risk if you meet with a less than honest escort.

Why Forget Escorts US?

We've highlighted some of the pitfalls of relying on US escorts. Instead, wouldn't it be so much better to find consenting adults for discreet meets of an adult nature? We certainly think so! That's why our site is different.

What if all your fantasies could be fulfilled without having to check out every local escort website, and contact every nearby escort agency? You would be experiencing great sex without the downsides that come with using an escort.

US escorts would hate for you to know that you could be getting free and enjoyable sex without the negatives! Here's the benefits!

Free sex

Instead of paying escorts for a service, use our site to find ladies in your local area (or further afield!) who are looking for free, casual sex - with men just like you! Have one off meets or ongoing casual encounters without having to dig into your wallet.


Chat online before meeting up and you'll be able to easily see if you have chemistry in advance, as well as discuss your likes and dislikes. If you don't then you can just message someone else. If you meet once and the chemistry isn't there then you don't need to meet again, and you're not out of pocket. For the ladies on our site this is not a job, but a passion!

Consenting adults

With no money changing hands you can be safe in the knowledge that you're not helping to fund crime or taking advantage of victims of crime. This leaves you free to have a great sexual experience with a consenting partner with absolutely no guilt.


You're both in the same boat so there is a lot less opportunity to be taken advantage of. You should always look to protect yourself if you need your encounters to be discrete, but most of our members also desire the same degree of privacy.

We're not a US Escort Agency

Our members will do lots of the things that you'll pay a US escort for. Some of our female members love to deep throat a dick whilst others maybe into something more kinky like a golden shower. We have members of all ages and builds; with big boobs, or a tight ass, but these ladies won't charge you for a good time, as they are craving it too, unlike many escorts. US members can experience an amazing gfe without having to pay extra to independent escorts for the privilege.